True Grit Wagyu Cattle Company is a 4th generation family owned cattle operation located in Western Pennsylvania. Our Fullblood Wagyu bulls come from some of the finest marbling genetics that originated in Japan that set the foundation in our herd. Our goal is very simple, to provide our customers with premium Wagyu Beef that has No antibiotics, No hormones and No steroids. 

Our cattle are raised in a stress free environment spending most of their life grazing freely in our lush pastures. We have a very high standard of care and dedication to the well being of our herd that translates directly to our premium beef. 

We strive daily to put the greatest beef product on the market. We sell directly to individuals, restaurants, as well as distribution centers. Our beef consistently scores extremely high in marbling. 

Our Beef 

Dry aged, finely marbled & full of flavor. Raised on our farms right to your table! Never given antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. We only sell you the finest grade beef with carcasses displaying the highest marbling and the finest color of muscle and fat combination. 


Marbling is one of the critical things we look for in our meat, and it is generally a sign of high-quality in terms of beef production. But what is it, and why does it matter so much?
Marbling occurs for a number of reasons. The first being breed. While all breeds will produce some marbling, some are specifically bred to increase the density of the marbling. One of the biggest incentives to using Wagyu breeds is their notoriously intense fat marbling.  
The other factor is the food. When a calf is fed a diet that is high in grain over a slow period of time, it allows fat to slowly and evenly disperse through the muscle tissue of the meat.  On conventionally fed lots, calves are often fed grain for less than six months, which isn't enough time to achieve significant marbling. This extra fat provides an amazing amount of flavor and texture.

In short, Wagyu beef is a healthy choice for families, delivering benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol levels and the associated risks of heart disease to supplying much needed vitamins, minerals, and Omega acids…just another reason we are proud to associate our family name with Wagyu beef